Terms and conditions Comunidad


The “Comunidad Spanish Conmigo” was created to help the students to keep in touch with the language, practicing and improve their Spanish level and sharing, as much as they like, information in their process of learning Spanish.

To make sure that we all have a good time together and help each other improving Spanish level, please have a read on the below rules to keep this community safe and pleasant to all!


1-    All information shared in this group is about Spanish and for people who want to practice and improve their Spanish level. Any other language will not be allowed, unless it is used to help others to understand or clarify any doubts.

2-    In this community, the main participants are the students, so it is your responsibility to correct each other and help each other to improve their Spanish. I will ONLY feed the community with information and guide the students on the process, however, IF there is a need for correction I will then do it.

3-    The main reason of speaking Spanish ONLY is to help the student to become more autonomy and critical on what kind of information you give and receive. The Spanish Conmigo main goal is to help the student become responsible in their decision-making about their own learning process.

4-    In this community you can share all type of information: music, movies, grammar, vocabulary, audios, books, pictures, opinions, applications to learn Spanish and so on.

5-    There is no restriction on any topics to be shared with others in this group. However, you must remember that sensitive topics such as sexuality, politics, economics, religions and so on will be only accepted if it is shared with respect and tolerance.  We all are different and have different opinions, but the main point in this group is to practice and improve Spanish and these topics are much part of Spanish society and Spanish people´s life.

6-    I will ONLY post in the community information in SPANISH. I will ONLY reply to any comment or question in Spanish. If I need to explain or say anything in English will just be to clarify any misunderstanding.

7-    The main reason for that is: YOU CAN ONLY LEARN SPANISH, IF YOU LIVE THE LANGUAGE: SPEAK, LISTEN, WRITE AND READ IN SPANISH”. I hope you all agree with me! 

8-    I appreciate you might not have the Spanish knowledge to write and say everything in Spanish, but I STRONGLY advise you to try to share or make comments in Spanish. This will help you to be more self-conscious of your limitations, strengths and weakness and do not really so much in Google! These are all part of any learning process, so relax and have a good laugh when something goes wrong and the most important thing, be thankful with any comments and correction from your group-mate as this should be a motivation to keep going and overcome yourself.

9-    Remember, if you REALLY want to learn Spanish you must compromise yourself, dedicate time and efforts, but most important of all you must live the process of learning as a hobby and joy! This will take from you the natural limitations – fears and self-conscious – and this will also help you to change the chip from  “obligation” (I must) into «to have fun” (I want). 

10- We all agree that in this group we are here to help each other, so there is no space for judging people or NEGATIVE criticism.

11- In this community everything is allowed if your intention is to help people to improve their Spanish level and if you want to practice and improve your Spanish. Be respectful and friendly to each other and feel happy when being corrected by any member of group.

12- If for any reason, member of community doesn´t follow all the above rules, I will automatically be taken this person out of the group.


1 – If there is a new member in the community, the new member must introduce him/herself following the example below. And then, all members will also do the same. This might sounds boring and repetitive, but this is a good practicing of consolidating knowledge and of course, the situation of any person can change.

¡Hola, buenos días! (use el saludo correcto / use the correct greetings)

Mi nombre es… 

Soy…  (nacionalidad / nationality)

Estoy …. (estado civil / marital status)

El nombre de mi marido / esposa / novio (a) / pareja es ……

(No) Tengo… (hijos (as) / kids)

Tengo … (años / years)

Vivo en …

Trabajo en…. / Soy…. (profesión / profession)

Me gusta….

No me gusta….

Hablo …. (idiomas que hablas / languages you speak)

Conozco…. (países o ciudades que has visitado de habla hispánica / countries and places you have visit that speaks Spanish) 

Es la … / Son las … (informar la hora / inform the actual time)

¡Hasta pronto! (use la despedida correcta / use the correct farewell)

2 – As I explained above, I will not be correcting all the texts and information posted in the community, but I will be from time to time checking what it is going on.

3 – However, if you have any questions and want to clarify any doubts, please use the community and I will answer them as soon as I can.

4 – Anything I post in the community that need an answered from the members (quiz, games, questions, audios, videos, post and so on) I will then inform the deadline date for correction, so everyone will have the chance to participate on it.

5 – You don’t have to participate of “ all events” I share in the community, however I STRONGLY advise you to make an effort and force you to part of them as this will help you to figure out your strengths and weakness. This will have a huge impact on the speed of your learning and will be a great motivation to you!

If you have any concerns or would like to add, adjust, amend or change anything on this agreement, you can either text or email me so I can update it. 

This is OUR group, so it is OUR responsibility to keep it safe and pleasant to all members.

¡Qué os vaya bonito!

Julisa Vargas