Spanish lessons for Business

Will help you improve the skills needed in a business environment

The Spanish lessons for business are ideal…

For any company that feel the need to grow the business within the Spanish market

For any professional who wants to improve business and grow sales or is preparing for an interview

For any expatriate professional who is moving to a Spanish speaker country

Spanish lessons for Professional & Companies

This course is designed to help you improve the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills needed in a business environment to:

  • keep a good communication in the office
  • having meetings and videoconferences
  • give an excellent product/service presentations
  • deliver a convincing argument in negotiations
  • answer a phone call professionally
  • write a persuasive email
  • go on a business trip
  • make a good impression at a job interview
  • win that sale or close that deal!

During the course, you will learn to communicate effectively practising the language used in business and to understand cultural and ethical differences and how this knowledge can have a direct impact on your relationship with collaborators, customers and suppliers.

This course will increase your knowledge of the Spanish language so you feel comfortable communicating with clients explaining what you do and the company you work for.

For people assigned abroad (short and long term) – I will introduce you to the area where you are and the people you will meet. I will take you through the key situations you will need to know to communicate and operate successfully. This exclusive program will prepare you to face the inevitable cultural differences.

Get in touch with us and I provide you a tailored proposal according to the needs of your business.

I will teach you to communicate at all levels and in various situations, so you will feel confident speaking Spanish.

Benefits of join our customised Online Business Classes

The bespoke study program will assist you to immerse yourself in the Spanish language and its culture and this will help you to get quick and positive results.

  • 1 : 1 or Group Sessions (50 minutes each class)

  • Interactive, fun and creative material with topics and activities related to your interests and objectives (included in the price).

  • Practicing new vocabulary, oral expressions and grammatical structures in real situations of communication assuming different roles.

  • Clear and simple explanations

  • Flexible schedule 

  • Continuous progress: corrections, progress analysis and recommendations for working Spanish in the office and at home.

  • Structure of class: during the 50 minutes session there is an introduction to the topic to be studied, active conversation, presentation and explanation about the grammar and new vocabulary and activities to practice and review all.