Spanish Lessons in Norwich

Designed for complete beginners or if you need a bit of revision.

You will learn everything you need to know to get you through your next holiday abroad!

Complete beginners or if you need a bit of revision

Travellers who want to feel confident speaking Spanish in a variety of situations and make the most of their vacations.

Who wants to learn Spanish and having loads of fun

I will help you to..

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Content of the course

Part One: About you

  • Pronunciation

  • How To Introduce Yourself and Others 

  • Basic Greeting: Question ‘How Are You?’ And Possible Responses

  • How To Say ‘Hello And Goodbye’ At Different Times Of The Day

  • How To Talk About Where You Are From And Where You Live

  • How To Talk About What You Do For A Living

  • How To Talk About What You Like

  • Languages You Speak

Part two: Whilst On Holiday

  • How To Ask For Something In A Shop And Ask How Much It Costs

  • How To Ask For A Table In A Restaurant And Ask For A Menu

  • How To Call The Waiter, Order A Meal And Ask For The Bill

  • How To Order A Drink At The Bar And Ask How Much It Is

  • How To Ask And Tell The Time

  • How To Ask What Time Something Is Happening

  • Booking A Taxi

  • How To Buy And Pay For Transport Tickets

  • How To Check Into A Hotel

  • Asking What There Is In Town, Such As A Bank

  • How To Ask For, And Understand Directions

  • Numbers 0-100

  • Basic Grammar; Basic Verbs; Essential Phrases and Vocabulary


Why learning
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Group Class

Max 10 people
  • For 6 Sessions
  • (Price per person)
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Classes are paid in advance, and refunds cannot be given if you are unable to attend a class, however full class material will be provided.