I'm Julisa Vargas

and I am an online Spanish teacher. I help companies, professionals and travellers to feel confident speaking Spanish at all levels and in a variety of situations, so they can get more from their negotiations, business and vacations trip.

I have worked in many different business fields and industries and also as a flight attendant for a Spanish company. I have lived in many countries and I have made very good friends all over the world.

I live in England now and I am learning a lot about its people, culture and customs. I really enjoy appreciating the local cuisine.

I am very lucky to do what I love: share my culture and how beautiful my country and its people are and I also learn more from other cultures. I help people achieve their goals and open up a world of possibilities.

One of my passions is cooking and eating healthy, that’s why I have a garden (allotment) where I plant a great variety of vegetables and herbs for my daily meals and infusions.

I love travelling and whenever I have an opportunity I take the camper van to visit different corners of the world.

I like learning history and anthropology: learn more about the course of humanity helps me to have a better understanding of today’s society.

I really like autobiographies – books and movies that tell the stories of people like me. They are a great inspiration to me!

I like planning, but life has taught me that being surprised is sometimes more fun.

I love to meet family and friends around a table and enjoy their companies and stories.

I am very thankful for everything I have in my life: my family, friends, the countries I lived in and people I met, all the good things I have learned. This has made me a better person and professional each day.

From life experiences I have learned that to be successful it is essential to learn to manage our expectations and control our emotions, because not everything goes as we want.

If you want to know more about my training and experience, please  find complete information in my Linkedin profile.

Spanish Conmigo was born from the need of becoming owner of my own time and having the freedom to choose the projects I want to work with.

I am now in a better position to set up my own goals, working on my own time and embrace the projects I believe are going to take me to the next personal and professional level and therefore this is going to reflect positively in my business. Rather to make plans for the future I want to be surprisingly challenged with new ideas and opportunities.

I truly believe that the companies either don’t use the skills or fulfill the needs of employees in full and therefore people are not able to explore and reach their full potential, and become frustrated with their job. On the other hand, companies are not using and managing their workforce wisely.

Spanish Conmigo is the chance of engaging with people and companies and helping them to get to know and use their talents when learning Spanish.

When you learn something new your brain and body response change, however when you learn another language you are also opening yourself to a world of possibilities, new opportunities and therefore your perspective in life also changes. Think you are living inside of a cocoon and after learning something you become a beautiful butterfly! You naturally become a different person and professional: your interaction with people change, your overview of things and the situation have a new perspective, influence positively and brings a huge impact on you as a person and professional.

I not only want to be your Spanish teacher, I want to be your travel companion: share experiences and knowledge and support you along the way to achieve your goals!

My aim is to achieve your goal, whatever it is: learn Spanish for career progression, grow your business or simply to have fun travelling around the world!

My name is Julisa Vargas and I am an online Spanish teacher. I help companies, professionals and travellers to feel confident speaking Spanish at all levels and in a variety of situations, so they can get more from their negotiations, business and vacations trip.

Having a Spanish mother and Portuguese father I naturally became bilingual in Spanish and Portuguese and I am also fluent in English. I know the challenges people have to learn another language and the benefit in communicating with people in their own language. 

With a degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management I had the opportunity to live and work in various parts of the world, in multi-cultural environments gaining an understanding of different cultures.

Over the last 15 years I have worked in various industries with an extensive background in managing people; sales and business development; account management and customer service. I also had the opportunity to train people at all levels and that’s where I found my real passion – teaching and helping people to develop their skills, talents and reach their full potential.

I have travelled extensively and have learnt much about cross-cultural differences; different traditions and the diverse ways people relate to one another. Now I have decided to share my passion and knowledge with you: Teaching Spanish Online!

Spanish Conmigo is a solution for companies and professionals who want to connect more and better with people and get the most out of their professional relationships and business trips, thus increasing the company’s benefits. 

I help travelers who want to have a unique experience when on holiday: learn everything you need to know to get you through your holiday and be able to communicate naturally with the local people.

Growing business with Spanish

Although the negotiations are standardized and globalized, there is a human and cultural factor that is very important for success in the different Spanish speaking countries. Speaking the language of the country creates connection with people that is the basis to strengthen and consolidate business relationships with clients, suppliers and collaborators, and also to retain customers. 

Cultural differences exist, but you have to respect them and know how to use them to position your product and service in the market. Speaking Spanish is a very important tool because it allows you to connect with your clients and other professionals and identify their needs and desires, and thus, be proactive and assertive in solving their challenges and problems. You have to build bridges with people and learning Spanish will help you get closer to them and better manage their needs and expectations. 

Half the world speaks Spanish, I encourage you to train and empower the team to do business with the Hispanic market in Spanish: how to write persuasive emails and answer a phone call professionally. Getting the sale or closing the desired deal has its tricks and communicating with your clients and collaborators in their language brings a lot of transparency and solidity in negotiations and commercial transactions, in addition to building organic and lasting relationships with them. 

Career progression

If you are a professional, I help you develop and increase your level of Spanish to communicate clearly and assertively with clients, collaborators and coworkers, that will open up a world of possibilities. If career change is what you want, I can help you make a good impression at a job interview and get your dream job. I help you create, prepare and deliver a great presentation and shine your product and service. If what you need is to develop convincing arguments in the negotiations and win the sale or close the desired deal, I can also contribute my bit. 

If you want to increase the benefits of the company, open doors for new opportunities and possibilities and be successful in your professional career, learn Spanish with Spanish Conmigo!

Travellers and having fun on your holiday

Traveling is a surprise box and being prepared for unexpected situations is essential to guarantee an unforgettable trip and enjoy the desired holidays. If you want to have a unique experience, learn Spanish and connect with people: it will open the doors to a world of opportunities, allow you to communicate with local people and learn more about their culture and customs. I will help you feel confident speaking Spanish in a variety of situations and making the most of your vacation. Learn everything you need to know to have a fun vacation and go on a dream trip!

Conversation Class

The conversation class is ideal for…

all those who need to practice, improve or develop their oral expression skills.

all those that want to improve their Spanish level by talking topics of their interest and learning about Spanish culture.

you that need motivation to improve your Spanish and want to share your learning experience.

Translation and Business Interpreter

Working in the business arena in many different fields and industries, I have accumulated a broad knowledge and gained experience in translating a variety of documents such as: website, contracts and sales documents; terms and conditions; marketing and sales materials; invoices and delivery notes; system and product manuals.

Having worked in business for so many years, I can also help you to understand all the dots and bits of any business meeting and give you the full and accurate information to become assertive when making business decisions.

Speaking three languages has taught me to understand the challenges language students face. Over the past years I have worked and helped people to improve their skills and I have realised that there is no right methodology to teach there is just “your way to learn Spanish!” 

My proposal is related to personal growth, achievements and ambitions. Spanish Conmigo allows me to unite my two great passions: teaching Spanish and helping people to set new challenges, to overcome themselves and develop their skills, talents and reach their full potential. We have personal and professional skills and experiences that make us special and therefore our way of understanding, learning and gain knowledge is also unique. We are all different and each of us has an individual talents and learning style, and this uniqueness must be respected and used in full when learning something new.

Bespoke classes are created and arranged according to your level and to meet your requirements. We will work together to find “your way” to learn Spanish. I will provide resources and apply techniques to help you learn Spanish focusing on your knowledge, strengths and skills incorporating your interests and personal and professional experiences. This will be a simple, intuitive and natural way to learn Spanish

I use interactive, fun and creative material such as media, videos, speaking activities and games to teach the lessons and activities to improve reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. I focus the class on vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar.

There are grammar and conversations classes for holidays and business trips, professional environment and interviews and real-life situations. The lessons include plenty of conversational practice, the best way to learn. There is an option to continue practicing what you have learnt after class in small conversations over WhatsApp (this option is entirely up to the student to use it or not). 

I am sure you will enjoy the classes and will have an amazing, enjoyable time learning Spanish!


And be prepared for all kinds of situations!